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Acne Treatment

Most Effective Natural Acne Treatment

There are several ways to treat acne and it is now known that alongside the external treatment you should also consider nutritional treatment. A course of proper treatment of wounds along with dietary changes can significantly improve skin condition and lead to acne healing.

Conventional acne treatment

This treatment can include creams with peroxides, steroids, antibiotics, retinoids, isotretinoin (rocotene, etc.). The use of these substances usually results in an improvement in acne after about 3 months. Alongside the improvement and before choosing to use this solution, it is recommended to learn about the existing problems and risks and the side effects of each method. For example, isotretinoin includes side effects such as rash, dryness and cracking of the face and lips, changes in blood sugar levels, eye infections, blood in the urine, liver and pancreatic infections, and kidney disease. The drug also causes fetal abnormalities and therefore caution should be exercised in the use of the drug during pregnancy. It is also linked to mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

The effect of nutrition on acne

Although you can find many places on the Internet who say there is no link between acne and diet, everyone with experience knows that there is a significant impact on acne diet and there are more and more studies proving this relationship!
The two main recommendations for proper nutrition that reduce the appearance of acne:
• Reduction in carbohydrate consumption – refined carbohydrates (white sugar is a good example) are related to acne and therefore it is recommended to lower the foods with high glycemic values and less as possible from all the products with white sugar. It is highly recommended to read the ingredients. For example, if you look at the ingredients lists, you will see that in salty snacks, sugar is among the main ingredients.
• Reduction in milk consumption – Studies find a clear link between drinking more than 2 cups of milk per week and a significant increase in acne. It is recommended to reduce the amount of dairy products in your diet.

Do not expect changes the next day – although there are times when acne appears clearly after a day of sweet consumption, sometimes changes in diet will affect your acne within weeks and months and therefore must be patience!

Lavender products suitable for the treatment of acne

For those suffering from acne, especially in adolescence or young ages, we recommend a combination of green clay based mask treatment and maintaining a clean and balanced facial skin using our facial soap. Later on the therapeutic toner is important to clean and sooths inflamed skin.
• Purifing Green clay mask with vitamin C and Green Tea- absorbs excess fat from the skin with vitamin C that will delay white Comedon to Black Comedon and green tea that will make the skin discharge less sebum thus less Acne and altogether makes acne much better.
Treatment of quality green clay is performed once a week and if a new fissure is removed, a green clay can be applied to the pouch to improve its condition.
Directions for use: Mix the clay mak with warm water to ketchup consistency and apply to the face for at least 20 minutes, wash.
• Facial Cleansing Soap – based on olive oil, rich in green tea extracts with anti-oxidant properties, is shrunken and anti-inflammatory. The soap is also rich in aromatic oils Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree and Rosewood that soothe the skin and help the healing process. It cleans the face gently and does not dry or irritate the skin. For acne treatment, we recommend using facial soap once or twice a day.
How to use: Mix the soap with a little water (too hot or cold water is not recommended as it may aggravate your acne). Soap the face (not around the eyes) and rinse.
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• Thearpuetic facial water – rich in the extraction of hamamelis, Urticara and callendula – three plants that combine to do a great job in treating pimples, contracting the cells and healing inflammation of the skin.
How to use: For daily use in case of pimples.
Therapuetic Serum- if your skin is do dry and still you have Acne use our 100% natural and effective Serum for moisturizing with combined action of active anti bacterial plant to make your skin elastic.
Classical Homeopathy For Acne Treatment

Classical homeopathy allows the treatment of the whole person from his emotional state, physical to mental state. This treatment is recommended for every person. In the case of mild acne, we recommend that you first try to treat by keeping your skin balanced by cleaning and feeding (see above).

In cases of moderate to severe acne, we recommend classical homeopathy when the treatment usually includes a two-hour session for complete diagnosis of the person, and includes a very comprehensive investigation, at the end of which the therapist must know the patient well both emotionally and physically. The homeopath chooses one remedy of about 200-300 that can fit the physical problem (in this case acne) and that patient receives. After about a month, a meeting is held to examine the changes. Sometimes changes will be in the mood, in the energy of the patient, and not in the acne that can even get worse for a few weeks. If the remedy is the right one, gradually, acne will improve.

Written by Ido Mishal BA in Biology, B.Sc. – Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. – Materials Engineering (Technion)

All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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