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Treat your skin with care with Lavender Natural Deodorant Cream

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Deodorant is one of the beauty products we use on a daily basis, and in the same place (armpit). So thinking about our health, now and in the future, it is important to choose the right deodorant, i.e. the kind that does not clog the pores; neither prevents the process of sweating, and yet leaves you with a wonderful Scent and a fresh feeling all day long.
Yes. There is such a deodorant!
In “Lavender‘s” natural deodorants, you can find a healthy and effective deodorants coming in a variety of delicate fragrances extracted from pure essential oils.Natural Deodorant
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Recommendations on Lavender‘s deodorants:
“Most importantly is that this deodorant stands the smell test, and amazingly without toxins! Good for you! A super product!
“I have a very sensitive skin, and using regular deodorants caused me rashes. Since I started using Lavender‘s deodorant, I have no more rashes and the smell is wonderful.
“At first I was anxious about the smell of rosemary. However; it was so gentle and so wonderful with the smell of Lavender! Excellent product – does not stain, does the job, stays long and it has a very delicate scent that can be combined with any perfume you wear.
I‘m breastfeeding, and therefore I use Lavender‘s deodorant version of smell free. In spite of having active nights (breastfeeding), and exhausting mornings, I am still with no smell of sweating. Nothing compares to this product! Highly recommended!
I was using your lemon-scented deodorant cream for a month. Now that the hot days have come, I can declare openly and surely that this deodorant is simply amazing!  With it you don‘t have to compromise aesthetics for health. I started strongly to recommend it to my acquaintances. Thank you!
Orit A. B.Sc Clinical Dietitian specializes in vegetarianism and veganism
So what is the winning formula of our natural deodorants?
Lavender‘s deodorant consists of excellent oils for the skin including Shea butter, almond oil and coconut butter that nourish and balance the skin. In addition, it contains sodium bicarbonate and essential oils that are active ingredients that prevent sweat smell for hours. The scents in Lavender‘s natural deodorant are only pure essential oils blends. Therefore, for each person there is another scent that is most effective and suitable for him/ her. The properties of the essential oils:
Deodorant of lavender – Rosemary contains:
Lavender – antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria. Rosemary – antiseptic, stimulates the mind, reduces swelling and regulates sweating. Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic and regulates sweating.
Deodorant Myrtle – lemongrass contains: Myrtle- antiseptic, aromatic, soothing the soul and shrinks tissue. Lemongrass- antiseptic, soothing and refreshing. Lavender- antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.
Deodorant Patchouli – Rosewood contains:
Patchouli – antiseptic, sensual and effective for calming skin irritations.
Rosewood – antiseptic, sensual and relaxing.
Geranium – antiseptic, effective for sensitive skin and shrinks tissues.
Lavender – antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.
* Since that we are aware of peoples‘ great sensitivity to odors, we also produce a deodorant without a scent at all. It is especially suitable to breastfeeding mothers, and cancer patients who go through chemotherapy treatment.
Other benefits of Lavender‘s natural deodorant include the avoidances from problematic materials and chemicals:
Lavender‘s natural deodorant does not affect the process of sweating, and does not contain aluminum salts which is the active ingredient in Antiperspirants which constitute over 90% of deodorants on the market. This material harms the body‘s sweating process and prevents the secretion of sweat.
Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain talc or magnesium silicate powder that many studies linking it to cancer.
Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain preservatives (Parabens), that several studies relate it to the increase in breast cancer among Western populations. Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain alcohol and other petroleum products (some deodorants on the market are even having the Petroleum (oil) as the main constituent). Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain synthetic fragrances. Of course, all products manufactured by Lavender are not tested on animals.

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