Health Benefits of Myrtle Essential Oil

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Myrtle Essential Oil

The myrtle family of plants is widespread across the globe. Many of them are known for their little white flowers and small green fruits. The best myrtle plants for producing essential oils are Eucalyptus, Myrtus Communis, which is found across the Levant and featured in several Mediterranean cultures’ art and mythology, and Luma Apiculata, otherwise known as Aryan essential, which is a Chileanplant.

Each of these three plants produces oils with similar yet unique uses and benefits. Eucalyptus oil can clear airways and ease the pain. Myrtus Communis is gentler and has antiseptic qualities, while Aryan oil benefits include medicinal uses such as easing joint pain.

Health Benefits of Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle Oil is steamed from the fresh leaves only.  It has a gentle fragrance and it is refreshing and soothing.  in the following article you wil find inforamtion about Myrtle essential oil health benefits for treating your skin and soul.

Myrtle Oil

We can find Myrtus Communis in many places in Israel, especially in the Golan region. It is green, with beautiful flowers and purple fruit. It is one of the four species in Judaism, and in many cultures, people have used it in cooking and liqueur making. The tree of Hadas is already mentioned in ancient Greece in the context of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. It is customary to use a bunch of myrtle leaves for purification by incense. The essential oil of myrtle is a very gentle oil and is suitable for both pregnant women and babies.

Health Benefits of Myrtle Essential oil

  • It relaxes and maintains the stability and balance of the nervous system. Relieves anxiety and chronic stress.
  • We know that it neutralizes bad odors – Myrtle oil has the ability to neutralize odors.  You can find it as one of the ingredients in perfumes and deodorants. “Lavender Cosmetics” uses Myrtle oil as one of the natural ingredients for our deodorants such as Natural Deodorant Stick Patchouli-Rosewood
  • Acne – Myrtle is excellent for the treatment of acne.
  • Mucus Cleaner– Myrtle oil is a can help in situations of congestion and mucus accumulation, it is best to use it regularly in a burner or as a massage oil.
  • Anti-septic – good for use on wounds/cuts. Myrtle oil disinfects and protects open wounds not to be contaminated.
  • Antispasmodic and intestinal problems– good for intestinal disorders, abdominal pain, parasites, and intestinal worms.
  • Gum problems – constricts and strengthens the gums.

Myrtle’s health benefits, as seen above, are plenty. From external problems such as treating wounds and acne to internal uses such as soothing digestive disorders, myrtle oil can be a great way to treat and maintain your body.

Myrtle Oil in Beauty Routine

The benefits of myrtle essential oil don’t stop at health maintenance but can also greatly improve your beauty routine. Myrtle oil for hair is a great way to promote growth, perfect for those who find their hair thinning.

Myrtleoil benefits on the skin include balancing oils, reducing sebum, and encouraging skin cell repair.

Lavender Products Containing Myrtle Oil

  • Lemon Grass Deodorant– 100% natural deodorant that neutralizes the smell of sweat. Our deodorant does not contain aluminum, alcohols, preservatives, and fragrance additives.
  • Therapeutic bar soap– therapeutic soap is rich in green clay and olive oil. The Myrtle essential oil soap benefits are it is excellent for irritated skin, acne sufferers, and other skin fungi.
  • Winter Guard– the perfect winter protection. We suggest that you have it to protect you and your family from winter illnesses.
  • Myrtle essential oil– pure essential oil for use diluted in carrier oils or in oil burners.

Essential Oil Myrtle Benefits

Whether you’re looking to promote healing, prevent winter illness or take your beauty routine up a notch, myrtle essential oils are the perfect addition. When used correctly, you can reap a host of benefits.

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