Lice and Mosquitos

Blitush – Excellent Natural Insect Repellent That Works!

Mosquitoes can be quite a problem especially during the hot summer months. The stings, the constant itching and the unpleasant feeling make us use a variety of preparations that promise to reject mosquitoes from us. The problem is that most of the existing preparations also bring with the advantage of mosquito rejection, other chemical effecting our health.
Lavender presents the Blitush – a cream based on essential oils blend that allow the cream to be active for long hours and protect from mosquitoes over time. As with all Lavender products, there is no water at all and therefore it is free of preservatives and is concentrated up to 4 times more than any other cream.
What the cream contains:
• The blend of Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil is excellent for irritated skin and skin after stinging, and also keeps the cream effective for many hours.
• Our special essential oils blend is built on the basis of ancient traditions as well as scientific studies on the effectiveness of these essential oils for mosquito repelling including:
• Thyme oil – An article published in 2005 found that thyme essential oil was found to effectively repel mosquitoes in people, some of which showed more effective rejection than DEET and for longer time.
• Clove oil is also effective in the rejection of insect-carrying Disease such as typhus.
• Lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, and eucalyptus oils have also been found to be highly effective in mosquito repellent in studies from 2002 and 2004
Advantages of using Blitush:
• Its long-term activity combined with the combination of specialty oils found in a wide variety of scientific studies as superior and effective for mosquito repellent as the DEET, which is used to repel mosquitoes in standard mosquito preparations.
• Blitush cream is also excellent for use after mosquito bites and calming the place
• Blitush cream has a pleasant and balanced scent that repels mosquitoes without rejecting people. Like Meital wrote to us: “I put it under the guidelines – the wrist, the leg, the forehead and the children stopped getting stung …”
What is there in mosquito repellent that is common in every household?
Insecticide called DEET. N – Diethyl – meta – toluamide In the US, this substance requires adding a long list of usage warnings in light of its reference to the only insecticide allowed to be used on the skin.

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