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Natural Treatment for Head Lice

Sitting down to write and head scratching – writing about lice.
My acquaintance with lice was in first grade. So every Friday, as part of the school routine, the nurse would come into the classroom with a child, check their heads, and murmur in a low but audible voice: “Clean, eggs, lice.” The teacher who followed her would record: clean, eggs or lice. And whoever is infected is sent from school to his home. Only let us go back after we have checked in and found ourselves clean. An absolutely unpleasant experience.
Today, the group of infections is no longer restricted to elementary children, lice can be infected at any age from infants to grandmothers, and it is already known that socioeconomic status is unknown. Sometimes I think everyone has lice and everyone has trouble getting rid of them. And there are even quite a few parents who have given up numbers.
Some facts about lice The lice are a small insect, the blood-feeding parasite The lice develop quickly and lay eggs that hatch within 7 days The eggs become mature, laying another generation of parasites in about 10 days The lice pass easily to the head My personal experience with the lice: comfort
As a mother, I first met a lice when I was a year and a half and brought home small, disgusting animals… (I am an animal lover, usually). Not only that, but the list of ingredients featured names I identified as acute insecticides used for agricultural pest control (!) So, to my dismay, I chose a debilitating and painful daily combing solution that included loud protests of crying and screaming from my little daughter, and a sense of helplessness on my part. The “silent head”, a cream for lice removal and rejection.
After many family combinations and several versions, our silent head, cream for removing and rejecting our 100% natural lice became one of Lavender’s flagship products. It is effective in removing lice, preventing infection and very important – it is suitable for use at any age and does not harm children.
Easy to apply The treatment is short and not accompanied by screaming, and the good part is that as long as you use it as a lice prevention daily – there is really a quiet head! And no one’s head is itchy.
Natural Lice Treatment: On quiet head components, how it works and reviews
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This year when the little boy went to camp and came back with a scraper head, I treated immediately. But when I sent him the next day I was disappointed, he was taken care of but was the friend who infected them treated? Although the cream also prevents adhesion my feeling would have been better if I had known that his friends had been treated as well.
Since then I’ve been hanging around with the idea that lice treatment should be a group one. As in the home when one child usually has lice, his sister and mother also do treatment. It makes sense to me that if a third grade lice might be worthwhile, then by the next weekend every third grade would do treatment, it might even be possible to decide on a weekend where all the school parents attend. In my opinion, this is mainly possible in small or private settings and will save a lot of time and money.
Natural Lice Treatment: What more can you do about lice treatment?
First of all, offer not to battle heads. This solution helps a lot of people, but it is not so feasible for children who play, because lice do not jump or fly but simply go head to head. Avoid changing hats, combs, pins and anything that comes in contact with the head hair. She made a living for up to two days without a surrogate.
It is recommended to collect hair and comb a thorough comb close to the scalp in a lice comb every three days. Garlic can be added to the diet and used in insect repellent essential oils like rosemary, lemongrass and even patchouli daily. The essential oils should be mixed with carrier oil (almond oil, or olive oil). The downside to this solution is the very strong odor, which may alienate not only lice, but also active social life.
They ask me a lot if they have to boil the linen and towels of all the household members. In my opinion (I on the mother’s side) do not have to, a non-prolific alias, so you can certainly settle for removing the bedding for two days in the sun. Customers wrote us:
I’ve been applying my three-year-old daughter the cream for six months and although there were other lice for our kindergarten, our daughter had no lice. I put some cream on her right after the shampoo. We put cream on a wet head and then comb our hair. The added value of the cream is that it is used by us as a conditioner that makes it easy to unravel the many connections that she creates in her hair. Besides, she really likes to participate in the process and apply the cream herself to the hair. The smell is very pleasant and the result is that we have no lice.
It took me a while to say thank you for the wonderful product, because I was kind of afraid … So after we really tried everything, and included intensive combinations of one and a half year old, egg whites and lice every day, this cream, just said goodbye and goodbye to the comfort! Tofu Tofu Tofu! The use is easy and simple, the scent is pleasant and the main thing – the health, and the lice will not return! Many thanks and happy to recommend!
Eufri Uren

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