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Head Lice Myths & Facts

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Head lice are a parasite found on the head of a human and monkeys from the dawn of history. Just mentioning the word “lice” causes most of us to start scratching. Which of us had not met them once or more in his life? We immediately treat, overlap, wash, rub and sometimes cause damage. What is head lice?
The head vein is a 1.5 mm insect that belongs to a series of blood-sucking insects, which is nourished only by blood and clings to hair, close to the scalp with claws suitable for the hair type only, and can lay 200 eggs during its lifetime (30 days) And 70-80% humidity to develop, which can be found only around the scalp, 0.5 cm from the scalp does not allow the egg to be developed. Within 10 days eggs that do not break will die.
Lice – facts, breaking myths and tips Lice infection is a direct contact only, head to head. The dish does not come from dust, dirt or air, but from an infected person. The cook can not jump, fly or swim. She crawled ahead. Finding lice eggs on the hair, away from the scalp, does not require treatment of lice chemicals. The egg can develop for food only in the area adjacent to the scalp.
There is no need for special treatment of clothes, bedding and other objects that come into contact with them.
The highest incidence of infection is among children aged 5-11 years. Studies have shown that 75% of Israeli children have lice at least once in their lives.
A typical sign of lice infection itchy the scalp. While feeding, the dish releases mucus that causes itching.
Even when lice are on the head, they can be treated with natural substances. The chemical substances used to treat lice are pesticides, so they should be used with care. Read the PI sheet carefully and consult your pharmacist if necessary.
Lice develop resistance to chemicals from year to year. Preventive treatment test the head once a day / week by comb comb or look at the ears and neck, and using natural preparations can prevent infection.

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