Lemongrass Oil Uses And How to Use for Skin, Body And Soul

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Lemongrass (scientific name: Cymbopogon) is a Poaceae plant that grows 1-2 meters high. There are about 55 different species. It is naturally grown in warm and tropical regions (South East Asia, Africa). However, because of its ease of cultivation and its many uses (requiring only a lot of light and water) lemongrass is found all over the world.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)

Lemongrass is very common as a lemongrass herb. People use it in their kitchen all around the world, including Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam), Latin America (Mexico), Africa (Togo, Congo), and the Caribbean.

It has been a natural remedy for centuries. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties that offer many lemongrass essential oil benefits for the skin. Organic, pure oil can help treat oily skin and fight acne. What does lemongrass essential oil do? Its wide range of properties helps prevent infection and work against drug-resistant bacteria that cause serious infections.

Uses of the Lemongrass Plant

People use the fleshy stalk for cooking soups, chicken dishes, fish, and vegetables. We use the leaves cuts with a lemon taste for tea infusions. It is used as a dried plant or as powder.

Natural cosmetic with lemongrass oil

Apart from its common use as a spice, thanks to its good lemon flavor, lemongrass has many medical properties:
  • Lemongrass herb tea is used to calm the digestive system, to soothe pain and insomnia.

Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil

LemonGrass has many uses in for treatment of skin, body and soul –
-Cosmetics – LemonGrass oil uses include – soaps, creams, deodorants, shampoos, and perfume.  It is suitable for skincare and oily hair because of its pleasant smell and its antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can add it to your bath.
-Massage – LemonGrass oil uses for massage take advantage of its properties to soothe pain (mainly nerve pain), strengthen muscles and blood vessels.
-Burner –We recommend that you add it to the burner and enjoy its pleasant smell, its disinfection ability, and its ability to repel insects and mosquitoes.
-Healing properties- the Essential oil contains many substances, but the main material (about 75%) is the Citral. Citral is a mixture of two isomers: Greniel – with a strong smell, and a nerl – smelling milder and sweeter.
-Healing – The medical properties of lemongrass, known in folk medicine and alternative medicine, have been studied extensively and supported by many studies. Anti-fungal infections have been studied and confirmed in several studies [3-5] and, in addition, the use of its antifungal properties has had a positive effect on HIV-positive research [6]. Anti-bacterial properties [7]. And anti-microbial, [8]

Lemongrass and its relation to the future treatment of cancer

During cancer research [9-10], as well as in a recent study at Ben-Gurion University, ISRAEL [11] it was found that the oils of herbs such as Lemongrass, Louisa and Melissa, (Citral), kill cancer cells in vitro and do not harm normal cells. A group of researchers conducted the research in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben-Gurion University, headed by Dr. Rivka Ofir, Prof. Jacob Weinstein, and Dr. Nativ Dudai of the Aromatherapy Department at the Neve Ya’ar Center.
The researchers found that Citral causes the cancer cells to “commit suicide” in a mechanism called programmed cell death. To test the effect of Citral on cancer cells, the researchers added it to cancer cells and normal cells grown in culture in test tubes. The substance is added in a concentration similar to that found in a regular cup of tea. The results show that the Citral activates a self-destruct mechanism inside the cancer cell that causes the cell to break down the chromosomes in the nucleus and death of the cell.

Prof. Weinstein, says that “the quantities of material in the study known to us are very small, and the substance is found in high concentrations in lemongrass, and if tea is made from these plants, the concentration of the active ingredients in the beverage will be high.” “We do not know, still, if it is active against cancerous tissue in the body,” Weinstein said.

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NOTE: Reminder: All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.


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