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Lavender has been producing natural cosmetics since 2007 since its founders saw how cosmetics from the shelf for daily use could be fatal to fish and plants.
Since then we produce unique cosmetics. Cosmetics that must first meet our stringent requirements for the products that our children use,
100% Natural Cosmetic Products that is healthy and handmade, with minimal damage to nature, with the approval of the Ministry of Health of ISRAEL and under strict GMP standards.
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All of our products are meticulous Handmade and. In order to ensure that the production process meets our standards, we have opened a “Beyond Material” subsidiary and we are making all of our products in house..     Recycling – All of our products return back into nature without violating the ecological balance. All the effluents of our factory pass through a natural plants gray water system that filters and returns them into clean soil without damaging the flora and fauna.

We keep the animals, we do not perform experiments! And many of our products are vegan friendly

We Are proud to take part in Israeli production and always prefer to purchase our raw materials from local suppliers.

All of our products go through the approval process of ISRAEL’s Ministry of Health.

Our products comply with the GMP standard, which ensures good production practice, control and supervision from the production stage to the shipping stage.
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About ido mashall

Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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