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Aromatherapy – Lavender Cosmetics

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is on of the primary oils that we use, while concocting Lavender‘s products. Lavender is a common plant in Europe. It grows in mountain areas, also grown for commercial use. The Lavender flower grown on mountains and picked up manually at dawn is considered as the best quality among all others.

The essential oil extraction of Lavender flowers is made by steam distillation ​​of the blossoms.

In Israel it can be seen in the high and relatively cold parts like the Carmel area, Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Description:  a fragrant plant that grows to a height of one meter. It has narrow leaves in shades of green, gray with purplish blue flowers. Flowering in summer.

There are many species of Lavender. In the treatment and cosmetic field, it is the English Lavender that is mostly used.


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Physical Effects of Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender is one of the most delicate among essential oils. You can put it directly on an open wound and directly on the skin without the need for dilution. It is he only essential oil recommended by us for use without dilution

Is sterilizes, dries, soothes skin, reduces redness and inflammation. It is also effective by calming all strikes, sabotage, scratch, sting or burn. Suitable for situations such as swelling, redness, diaper rash, acne. Relieves respiratory symptoms and digestive problems.

Stops bleeding, shrinks tissues, helps in wound healing


Emotional effects of Lavender Essential Oil
Relieves and reduces physical and emotional stress. It‘s a stabilizer, calming and balancing emotions, and is very suitable for temperamental persons.

Lavender Essential Oil soothes Obsessive thoughts that lead to headaches, and strengthens our energy and vitality.

Encouraging and uplifting the mood and dispels anger.

Important: Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most delicate among other oils and is also suitable for pregnant, nursing mothers and for babies.

Whenever there is some doubt regarding which essential oil to use, Lavender is a good choice..


Lavender Essential Oil Usages
It is recommended to keep it as a first aid oil at home

Recommended to permeate in a burner for helping with insomnia and to reject insects

. You can also rub on the feet in the case of flea plague.

and if you are already stung, it can be applied directly to the bite for relaxation.

You can drip a drop on the pillow to soothe the eyes or on the salt or buckwheat pillow heated before bedtime for restful sleep. It is very suitable for elderly that it can help improve sleeping and self-esteem

It is excellent to mix it with base oils for making a massage facial and body oil. massage oil Goes  well with Geranium, Patchouli, Neroli, Rosemary and other essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil in Lavender‘s products
We use Lavender Essential Oil for its antibacterial properties in our solid and liquid soaps, and even in our deodorant. Also because of the pleasantness that it induces, it is favored by many and it has an ability to empower other oils used along with it.  It is present in almost all of our creams. We have a particularly delicate body lotion with Lavender Essential Oil only. It is suitable for all skin types, especially good for on sun-damaged skin.  Also  we have pure Lavender Essential Oil used for the oil burner or massaging.


Written by – Tali Matzlieh- Lavender

All information written in this website represents the writers‘ opinion and good experience and is  not in any way a substitution for medical consultation


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