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Best Foot Cream for Crusty Feet

natural foot cream for crusty feet from lavender all natural cosmetics
Many people suffer from feet-skin problems such as crusty feet. This is a skin condition that is not only unpleasant and unaesthetic but also might be painful. Crusty feet condition can be caused by various reasons: dryness, poor nutrition, lack of ventilation, and more. Nonetheless, feet-skin problems can be easily treated with the right care product.
Therapeutic Foot Cream is a thick and concentrated cream for intensive foot treatment. By nourishing and healing the foot skin, Lavender’s Foot Cream treats and prevents many problems such as fungus, dry feet, crusty feet, cracked heels, excessive feet sweating, and bad odors.
Effective natural substances that can be found in the nature surrounding us, can perform miracles for your foot skin. We have prepared a special foot care cream, produced from seeds and fruits which are rich in oils and qualities. This cream is concentrated up to five times any other cream!

Why use Lavender‘s Therapeutic Foot Cream for Crusty Feet?

  • Lavender‘s foot cream is concentrated five times more than any other cream, and therefore very economical.
  • Therapeutic Foot Cream contains: Shea butter – excellent for skin care, including treatment for wrinkles defragmentation, and more. Sweet almond oil and grape seed oil, which helps with absorption and intensive skin treatment. Calendula oil and extract, known for their healing qualities for damaged skin. Essential oils for disinfection and foot treatment, including Peppermint, Patchouli, Lavender oil, and Geranium, along with Sandalwood, which is excellent for your skin.
  • Because of what the cream does not contain! Lavender‘s Foot Cream does not contain substances such as Petroleum products (mineral oils, glycerin, SLS), ethylene and propylene glycol, preservatives (parabens), artificial fragrances, and animal fat.

Cracked Heels? Dry and Crusty Feet? Learn How to Treat it with Lavender’s Foot Cream

Many users have got rid of various feet skin problems with the help of Lavender’s therapeutic cream. For everyday use, apply just a little skin cream and massage it in circular motions until absorption. If there are cracks that sometimes might be sore, it is recommended to apply a little more cream before bed, soak it well into the skin and wear a sock overnight. In the morning, you will get up with upgraded feet.

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Customers Recommend Lavender‘s Therapeutic Foot Cream

  • “I had repeated trials in treating feet Superficial Mycosis. I suffered from peeled skin, crusty feet, bad odor, and excessive sweating in the feet. I used anti-bacterial lotions and creams which I bought from the drugstore and it helped me for short time. Then I tried Lavender’s foot cream. After 4-5 days of applying the cream regularly every night, the fungus disappeared. My feet became in excellent condition for months later.” (Roy)
  • “Usually, I’m tempted to buy a foot cream that promises me smooth feet skin with no cracks and dryness. Usually, it ends up in a cream that does nothing helpful for my crusty feet. So I have decided to buy a good cream that would actually work, no matter the price. So the price is a bit high but the value… a crust-free foot after only a week. Worked like magic!” (Moran)
  • Usually, my foot-skin is very dry and I suffer from crusty feet. It is not just the look that bothers me, it also hurts. I have been looking for a long time for a foot cream that will be effective, and I have tried quite a few brands. Through my sister-in-law, I came across Lavender’s foot cream, and I am very satisfied. The skin is much less dry and my feet are no longer crusty. I apply it every night so it will be properly absorbed. It helped me a lot! (Ester)
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