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Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels

A thick and concentrated cream for intensive foot treatment. This cream treats and prevents many problems such as fungus, dryness, excessive feet sweating and bad odors by nourishing and healing the foot skin.

In nature surrounding us we find effective natural substances that can do miracles for your foot skin. We have prepared a special foot care cream, which is produced from seeds and fruits that are rich in oils and qualities. It is concentrated up to four times of any other cream. Click here to purchasehealing foot cream

Customers Recommendations:
“I had repeated trials in treating feet Superficial Mycosis. I suffered from peeled skin, bad odor and excessive sweating in the feet. I used anti-bacterial lotions and creams which I bought from the drugstore which helped for short time. Then I tried the foot cream of lavender. After 4-5 days of applying the cream regularly every night, the fungus disappeared. My feet became in excellent condition for months later.”
(Roy, Ramat Hasharon)

Why Lavender‘s Natural Foot Cream?

Lavender‘s feet cream is condensed four times more than any other cream, and therefore very economical.
Contains Shea butter which is excellent for skin care including defragmentation wrinkles and more.
Contains Sweet almond oil and grape seed oil that help with absorption and skin intensive treatment.
Contains calendula oil and calendula extract known for their healing qualities with damaged skin.
Contains essential oils including: Peppermint, Patchouli, Lavender and Geranium for disinfection and treatment of the foot, along with Sandalwood which is excellent for the skin.
Because of what it does not contain: Lavender‘s Foot Cream does not contain substances such as- Petroleum products (mineral oils, glycerin, SLS), ethylene, and propylene glycol, preservatives (parabens), artificial fragrances and animal fat.
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