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Natural Oils for Hair

blend of all natural oils for hair treatment from lavender all natural cosmetics
Hair – an integral part of your identity, indicates your character – rigorous and collected or loose and scattered, find the right blend of natural oils for your hair. You want to go crazy – you gather your courage and paint a pink stripe, you’re a little more complex – you pick up your hair. It also has a direct connection to your diet and your health and will indicate whether you have been sleeping and eating well recently.
In addition, your hair is heavily influenced by the materials you choose to apply: the shampoo, the conditioner, the mask, the cream. Daily actions that make their mark and testify to the health of your hair.

So what do you do in your daily life that does not benefit your hair so much?

Many women use a lotion or serum after washing to reduce volume, straighten hair and shine. The creams and lotion on the shelf contain preservatives (parabens), silicone, synthetic fragrances and many other chemicals designed to preserve the shelf life of the cream and give it a beautiful look at the expense of hair health over time.
Maybe in the short term they get you the look you want but in the long run they damage the hair, dry it and increase split ends. These substances are also absorbed into the body through the scalp and often leave irritation in the head that creates itching, dandruff etc.

How do you change and improve your hair?

Switch to natural products. Keeping clean and nourishing hair without synthetic chemicals will ensure you recover and regenerate your hair and scalp. Blend of natural oils for Hair  – 100% natural hair serum that keeps the hair soft, pleasant to the touch and nourishes it. Unlike the serums on the shelves – this All natural oil blend does not burden the hair and ensures you light hair. A few drops each day will give your hair life and shine. If you have Curly hair our All Natural hair cream will do wonder for your hair, giving him life and helping you enjoy your hair.

All Natural Products for Hair

What the Ingredients that make the difference in the blend of natural oils for hair?

Lots of materials from nature. For this serum we at lavender all nautral cosmetics chose the highest quality ingredients, selected herbal and essential oils, combining pleasant texture and a wonderful smell!
• Cold pressed Olive oil from Israel – strengthens thin hair, nourishing and softening
Cold pressed Jojoba oil from Israel – treats and stimulates the scalp, prevents dryness and provides moisture and shine
• Seabuckthorn Oil -for the treatment of split ends, keep the  moisture in hair and skin, maintains flexibility and vitality of hair
Geranium oil – balance the scalp and hair
Rosemary oil – which strengthens the hair and reduces dropouts
• chamomile Roman oil – soothes scalp irritations
Jasmine oil – with a warm and deep fragrance, promotes cell regeneration and stimulates hair growth
Lavender oil – soothes and cleanses the hair and scalp
What will you not find in our hair serum?
Like all our products – this Blen of Natural oils for hair is 100% natural products. It does not contain preservatives, silicone, synthetic fragrances, palm oil. How to use? – This hair serum is very concentrated and therefore efficient and economical to use. A few daily drops of nature for hair full of moisture and vitality.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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