Questions About The Products

All Lavender products are manufactured in Pardes-Hana-Karkur, Israel. A large part of the raw materials are purchased from Israel, from farmers who we are familiar with the quality of the oils they produce, and we are also registered in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor in Made in ISRAEL approved producers.

Lavender was born when we saw to our astonishment how harmful are ordinary cosmetic to the environment –read more here So from the beginning, we pursue to make Environment-friendly cosmetic.

What environment-friendly cosmetic means?

  • No external packaging – paper packaging use so much paper! and hence cutting so many trees it’s hard to imagine, so we don’t use external packaging saving thousands of pounds/Kg annually.
  • All packaging material easily recyclable – most of the packaging is glass made, the rest usually for babies and bath use are made from easily recyclable Plastics.
  • All our products are easily biodegradables – our soaps made without salt addition from natural oils, thus easily biodegradable and more than that are great for greywater systems.
  • All our wastewater from our workhouse is going through a series of water ponds with plants and fish so we can be sure our cosmetic production is totally environment-friendly. So we cannot use any preservatives and other chemicals that harm the environment otherwise we will see Immediately our workhouse water garden die.
  • We use only sustainable raw materials – we do not use palm oil for soap because it is extracted by cutting trees.
All year long we are working continuously to reduce our footprint on the environment. if you have any ideas please let us know.

All Lavender Natural Cosmetic Products are based on 100% natural ingredients, all of which have been used by people for many years, so there is no need to experiment with animals and there is very extensive information about the ingredients over the centuries to ensure their safety. These have the best effect on body and mind. From the other hand every product we develop pass through a lot of people testing and feedbacks before we start marketing a product, what take some years to develop a new products line.

It sounds really a small difference but its significance and tremendous in the products themselves. 1% to 5% of the product is exactly the amount that allows the addition of non-natural substances as preservatives, stabilizers, whipping substances, etc. In ordinary creams and in lotion containing 99% natural ingredients, the cream is made up of 90% water or more. In this situation, the company must add 1-2% preservatives. In Lavender, because we do not add any preservatives at all, we prepare the creams, only with the natural oils that are the active substances without water, so our creams are concentrated 4-5 times then on the shelf creams.

We believe the best products are also the simplest and therefore try very hard to make our products the simplest and with the smallest number of components we need. Like in cooking: the simplest recipe gets the best results.

100% natural Products without preservatives have a shorter shelf life than products with preservatives. All our products in the Lavender line have a shelf life of 18 months from production and 6 months from opening,  from our experience, the product live much longer thanks to our special formulas. Anyway, to be cautious, we manufacture our products in small series, according to consumption, to ensure the customer will get a fresh product (usually a few weeks from production). This is also the main reason the sale is made directly to customers or through quality resellers so that we fully control the product shelf life and promise our customers quality use.

All the products in the Lavender series are exclusively manufactured by us, in order to ensure quality. Unlike most products that are similar to each other and are generally manufactured in the same factory with different labels. The great variety of lavender products are manufactured from 100% natural materials, based on the highest quality and concentrations in the market for example:
• Our unique liquid soaps, shampoo, and solid soaps are manufactured from extra virgin olive oil which is over 70% of the fat comprising the soaps.
• Our therapeutic creams series based on Shea Butter consists of more than 40% Shea Butter, unlike most creams on the market, which are just “enriched‘ with Shea Butter in low concentrations (creams which use Shea Butter)
• All our products contain no preservatives and we invest heavily in the production process to avoid using these materials as well as direct marketing and manufacturing of small series to ensure a quick arrival for consumer use.
• We Choose oils and essential oils in our products to be as gentle and anti-allergic as possible, appropriate for the product, and pleasantly scented.
• When we use the word “natural” it is not for decoration but rather a concept we live by, so ingredients are not printed small and impossible to read with complicated names, but simply as possible.

Most of our products are vegan and registered in Israel’s Largest Vegan community organization – Vegan-Friendly. You will see in the product page the Vegan-Friendly Icon for Vegan products.

Questions Regarding our Service

We will be happy to help you with any question before and after purchase. Our products are very unique and we will be more than happy to help you understand the difference and enjoy them. you are welcom to contact us by human chat online, by telephone +972-772127172, or by email to – We are online daily except saturday from 9:00AM-7:00PM Jerusalem time.

The Lavender site is a secure site and all payments are made by leading third parties that comply with the PCL1 standard which is the most stringent standard approved by all the credit card companies. In this way you can have peace of mind complete security with full confidentiality of the details. Your credit card information is not stored by us, so you will have to provide the details again on each purchase.
Existing payment options:
1.Payment options Credit card payment – Secured payment at the highest level with any credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express etc.
2. PayPal payment – suitable for anyone with an PayPal account or any customer with any international credit card, a highly secure international website
3. Bank Transfer – Complete the order and we will contact you with full detail for your bank transfer or if needed to complete the order by credit card on the phone. Order will be shipped only after bank transfer made and the funds got to our bank account.

NO. prices are the same. what good for you, good for us.
We ship all of our products from our factory in Israel by Fast delivery courier (DHL, FedEx), take into account about one day for packaging your order and another 2-3 working days until you will receive your order almost to any location in the USA. For other countries the timetable usually is similar.