Atopic Dermatitis

Dry Skin Prevention And Treatment: What You Need To Know

dry skin treatment
Skin Dryness causes an unpleasant sensation, rough skin, sensitive and sensitive facial expressions – up to the wounds and itching.

Skin dryness can have many causes

  • Inborn tendency to dry skin
  • Geographical location – there are areas where the air is drier.
  • Seasons – During the autumn and winter seasons, the skin tends to become dryer. Various skin diseases that can cause dry skin especially in the joints area including itching (skin asthma for example)
  • Age – Usually as skin ages, it becomes drier and requires deeper nourishment

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Dry skin results in itching, scaling, and even discomfort. From inborn tendency to dry skin to hot weather and others, there are many things behind dry skin. However, there are proven ways of skincare for dry sensitive skin. One of them is a skincare kit at Lavender Natural Cosmetics, which includes a mild soap made of essential oils for dry skin and cream that makes one of the best skincare products for dry skin.
Our kit is the right answer to the ‘how to get rid of dry skin’ query due to the natural ingredients used in it. Both soap and the cream work perfectly together to get rid of dry skin.
We have assembled for you some of our products that can help and relieve situations of dry skin. Our products are concentrated and contain oils and herbal extract only, they are well absorbed in the skin and leave it soft to the touch.

A Skincare Kit

Our product for help with skin asthma (atopic dermatitis) has accumulated over the years more and more loyal customers reporting significant relief. The kit contains a mild soap that treats the irritated skin and cream rich in organic shea butter and calendula to relax and treat. In severe cases of dry skin, we recommend the daily use of soap and cream. It is important to emphasize that soap contains more than 70% olive oil! It does not dry the skin but nourishes it with high-quality oils.
Take into account that the usual soaps on the shelf are based on detergents like SLS are very drying and when the skin is not in good shape it is much more irritating and worsening the situation. The cream should be applied to the dry area or to the entire body when needed. The cream has a different texture from any regular cream because it’s about 4 times more concentrated than usual cream without any water in it. That how we can make it without preservatives of any kind. The cream is fortified with a wonderful combination of calendula oil and pure chamomile oil that work together to soothe and treat the skin.
It is important to note that both the soap and the cream work perfectly together. The treatment of sensitive and irritated skin will be better and more effective when using a non-stimulating soap and a natural nourishing cream. The kit is very good for any dry and irritated skin.
For details and purchase – Natural Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Dry Feet Treatment

Dry feet are common in the summer months after a long walk with bare feet. The foot care kit contains soft soap and cream that is rich and nourishing to the feet. The soap is a solid soap that contains more than 70% pure virgin olive oil and into it, we have added a natural luffa sponge. Using soap reduces dry skin and dead skin cells and renews the foot. Complete the treatment with an exceptionally rich foot cream based on shea butter and contains calendula and oils for the treatment of dry and irritated skin. The cream is also excellent for cases of fungus in the feet.
For details and purchase – Therapeutic Foot Cream

“Teva Lips” – LipBalm for treating dry lips

Dry, cracked lips create a very unpleasant feeling. This phenomenon occurs mainly in dry and cold transition seasons. Our lipsticks are based on vegetable and vegan butter that nourishes the skin of the lips, with natural moisture. Our daily lip balm is with lemongrass essential oil.  In addition, you can also find anti-aging lip balm containing red algae that have been shown to prevent skin aging and reduce sun damage.
It is important to note: The regular lipstick does not paint the lips (the anti-aging lipstick has a slight shade due to the red algae), all the lipids are completely vegan.
For details and purchase – LemonGrass Vegan Lip Balm

Gentle Therapeutic Cream

Lavender’s therapeutic cream gently treats dry, irritated skin. The cream contains shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, bee hours, calendula extract, and essential oils with wonderful aromas. The cream is easily absorbed and soaked in cases of burns or stings.
It is important to note: The delicate therapeutic cream has become a mandatory item in many of our customers’ homes! The cream soothes the body and mind and helps in a variety of conditions of dryness, skin irritation, and burns.
For details and purchase – Gentle Therapeutic Cream

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