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Who had not heard of coconut oil? Apparently everyone had heard. Coconut oil is good but it can be great if you mix it with other ingredients that make it more effective. That’s exactly why we chose it to be an integral part of some of our products!
In recent years, coconut oil has been praised for its cosmetic uses such as facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, antiging ability and so on. Its name is also associated with the balancing of sugar and cholesterol, and its role as an antioxidant (helps to neutralize free radicals that cause oxidation) and many other properties.
Why Coconut oil is so good for the skin?
Coconut oil is produced from the fruit of coconut, and the production process is usually done by cold pressing so as not to impair its quality by creating an external source of heat
Coconut oil is made up mainly of three fatty acids: Capric acid, Caprylic acidacid, and lauric acid, and is identical in structure to primary mother milks These three acids are highly potent antiviral agents that act against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites Coconut oil nourishes and softens dry, luster-free skin and its composition, and its molecular weight has the ability to penetrate and nourish deep layers of the skin.
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Coccnut Oil for Face – Advantages and Disadvantages?
In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for coconut oil for facial cleansing and nourishing facial skin. The increase is mainly because this is a cheap product relative to other cosmetics, accessible and simple to use.
Its advantages are that it cleans thoroughly, helps remove makeup, and allows us to avoid facial and facial soaps that exist on the pharmacies shelves and contain synthetic chemicals. In addition, it is accessible and cheaper than other cosmetics.
Disadvantages – It is wrong to think that coconut oil is suitable for all skin types. It will not be good for the oily skin and not for skin that tends to redness due to its ability to clog pores (Comedogenic(
Synergy of coconut oil in Lavender’s interior products
If you browse our store and look at the list of ingredients you will find that we have included coconut oil in many of our products. When we design a product for the face or body, we first define a therapeutic goal: slowing skin aging (anti-aging), acne treatment, etc. To use an active product, we use coconut oil as one of the ingredients. We are certainly aware of its qualities and benefits but in the same breath believe that when combined with other ingredients, you get a more significant effect of cleaning and nourishing and all ingredients work in perfect synergy to improve facial skin.
The same applies to hair – although there are many recommendations to use only coconut oil, we also enriched our hair products with other oils that increase the action of cleaning and maintaining the scalp and moisture in the hair.
The Bottom Line
Coconut oil alone for face treatment is a solution when there is nothing else available. If you have decided to use only it, you should be sure to purchase high grade coconut oil of the highest quality. We recommend that you choose products rich in coconut oil to enjoy natural and active cosmetics.
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