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• Coconut oil penetrates the hair, nourishes it with moisture and treats dry hair and split ends well. • It help with hair loss, strengthens the root of the hair and gives it a shine and touch of silk. • In order to enhance its activity, it is best to add other vegetables oil like sweet almond oil and aromatic oils to the coconut oil to provide a perfect result for your hair. • We have prepared a perfect cream from coconut oil with carrot oil, almond oil and excellent aromatic oils for hair: rosemary, sandalwood and chamomile.
Coconut oil has been gaining popularity for many uses in the health field: diabetes treatment, cholesterol balance, antioxidants (destroy free radicals), and many more. You can find it more and more on the shelves and in many places throughout the web. You can read about its properties: it treats dry, cracked skin, psoriasis, allergies, irritated skin, as an excellent makeup remover and treats damaged hair and irritated scalp.
What makes Coconut oil so good for the hair?
Coconut oil produced from the fruits of the coconut, and the production process is usually cold pressing so as not to impair its quality by creating an external source of heat. In the process of pressing, a natural heat of the fruit is created which allows the production of the oil.
Coconut oil is made up of three fatty acids: capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid, and is very similar to colostrum, the mother’s primary milk, and these three acids are highly potent anti-pollution agents that act against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites It nourishes and softens dry skin, prevents the appearance of dandruff in the hair, relieves irritated skin, bites, allergies and burns.
A 2003 study compared three vegetable oils and their effect on hair: mineral oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil, and found unequivocally that coconut oil not only gives the hair moisture but does not impair the natural production of the hair protein and thus prevents dryness on the long term. The coconut oil, due to its composition, is suitable for the structure of the Keratin protein and due to its molecular weight it has the ability to penetrate the hair follicle and nourish it. (1)
One step back – why is your hair dry at all?
Did you notice that if you do not shampoo your hair for a few days, your hair becomes greasy and shiny? Excellent, this is the natural moisture of hair. This moisture is formed from the same fat that the scalp secretes. Our hair has no natural fat production and the hair’s moisture can only be creating by the scalp. On the hair itself there are a kind of scales that serve as a kind of “shingles” and protect the outside of the hair from the weather, the heat and of various materials that are applied to the hair. These scales, when they are well-formed, maintain the moisture of the hair. When they do not cover the whole hair they cause the moisture to escape and the hair to become dry. So what are the reasons fat and moisture secretion will not remain? (2) Frequent hair shampooing prevents the creation of natural fat and moisturizing the hair • Use of hair dryers • Using equipment that works on heating to create curls Frequent exposure of hair to the sun, wind, and dry conditions • Chemical activities made on the hair: smoothing, curling, coloring .. • Age – The older the age, the lower the secretion of fat from the scalp
How Coconut Oil Helps Damaged Hair
As we said coconut oil penetrates the hair, nourishing it with moisture, does not harm the natural process of producing keratin (the protein of the hair). It prevents the dropout and because it is anti-bacterial it also helps to treat cases of inflammation and irritations in the scalp that interfere with the production of natural fat.
Other actions that can help you treat dry hair: • Lower the shampoo frequency or use gentle shampoo. The concept that we must shampoo every day or twe is wrong and a matter of habit only! The less you wear your hair , the healthier it will be and keep more the fat and moisture, and the less hair will split and break. (Of course, in children, sand playing, etc. – it is recommended to maintain daily hygiene for hair but try to use a little shampoo) • Use a gentle natural shampoo that does not contain chemicals. • Use a natural moisturizer that does not contain chemicals.
Our Natural Hair cream contains coconut oil and is perfect for natural and restorative treatment
Lavender Moisturizing Cream – rich cream based on coconut oil with almond oil, grape seed oil, beeswax, carrot oil and essential oils: rosemary, mint, sandalwood and camomile roman that benefit the hair and scalp. The cream is excellent for dry and wet hair design. It can be used as a mask for damaged hair and it can also be rubbed on the scalp to heal dryness and irritation.
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1.J Cosmet Sci. 2003 Mar-Apr; 54 (2): 175-92.

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