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Changes in Natural Products Over TIme

natural products changes with time
Here nature determines.
When we market a natural product, we have two main objectives:
1. The smell and texture will be pleasant to the user and effective to use.
2. Not to impair the natural qualities of the wonderful raw materials we have chosen carefully.
When using a natural product it is important to know and respect the fact that quality raw material is indeed an amazing wonder to the skin but it has its own character and is slightly dynamic according to its environment just like nature. Our choice not to use preservatives / stabilizers / synthetics makes our products as lively and alive as they are. It is important for you to understand the changes that can occur in a natural product. Changes in raw and living raw materials that vary according to their environment, its not a problems to be afraid from but just to be aware and understand.
The liquid soap became sometime whiter and less transparent
With the arrival of winter and the drop of liquid soap temperatures you get a milky color. Why?
Our soaps contain over 70% extra virgin olive oil and formulated to be very gentle, that changes its texture according to temperature. This reaction affects only the appearance of the soap. Same as putting olive oil in a refrigerator.
A word from us: Do not fear from the soap, its still excellent to use but it feels a little bit cold
Different colors of liquid soap
We buy cold pressed olive oil from high quality farmer in ISRAEL Menashe are. Olive oil color, taste and smell change per the specific trees in the field. So the oils can come from yellowish to greenish tinted color. Because we use about 75% olive oil in our soap the changing of the oil color affect the color of the soap so you can get little difference in the soap color.
A word from us: If the previous soap you bought was greenish and this time you get a little yellowish soap, its just a proof that it is unprocessed but made from fresh oil coming directly from the farmer.
The solid soap is soft and melt in water
Our solid soap is produced in a cold process from cold pressed oil to keep the good ingredients that make the olive oil so healthy. The soap is made with little free oil kept in the soap to ensure the soap will not dry and be very good to the skin. This method make our soap very gentle to the skin but make it a little soft and very pleasant on the skin but if you keep it in wet area it will melt and be wasted.
A word from us: Place the soap on top of the soap dish with drain holes to keep the soap dry for a luxurious bathing experience over time
Small balls in cream?
Our base 100% natural butter (shea butter and coconut butter) also respond to the weather because they do not contain stabilizing substances. When they are passing through sharp change from cold to hot and vise versa somtime you will feel small balls that dissolve on the skin and at high temperatures. Our creams are based on butter, so they are also affected and react to changes in the temperature. When the cream is cold its harder and when the temperature rises they melt. Due to the fact that they do not contain stabilizing agents, exposure to changes in the temperature affects the texture.
A word from us: The tiny balls that you feel in the cream simply indicate that its from real Shea butter. Other than that everything is fine. When applied, they will be absorbed well into the skin. Very important – because there are no stabilizing materials in our products we recommend not to keep the creams in cars or other very hot places.
Expiry Date
According to cosmetic regulation around the world a cosmetics product that its expiry date is more than 3 years is not obligated to wirte an effective date, but rather a time of use from an opening (PAO). I wonder who wants to put on a lotion whose expiry is so infinite? What is the price in preservatives and stabilizers that the skin pays?
Our products expiry date are marked on the back of the package, we produce in small quantities so as not to “stock” inventory because we treat our products just as much as food – the fresher the better. We want the product to be fresh for your use and not in our warehouse. Once the product has been opened and used, a natural oxidation process of six months begins – after which the product is not as good as it should. This is the disadvantage of the natural product but it is also our proof that we do not “circles” corners and our products are really completely natural.
A word from us: If six months have passed from opening the product and the smell/look change- we recommend not to use. You can find several sizes for each product according to your usage time.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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