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Causes for Acne

In the previous article we dealt with the explanation of acne, how it is caused and the difference between types of acne lesions (white, black and bactericidal)

Acne is not reserved for adolescents and there is many situations of adult acne. In the following article I will review the common causes of acne in different ages:
In adolescence, testosterone plays an important role for growth of male genital organs in boys and maintains muscle and bone strength in girls. High levels of testosterone cause the glands to create much more sebum than the skin needs.
Acne in families – heredity – a condition of acne can certainly be hereditary. If your parents had acne, you probably will have. In one study, it was found that if both parents suffered from acne, children would be more likely to have severe acne at a young age. The study also found that if one or both parents suffered from acne as adults, it is likely that children will also suffer from acne as adults.
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Acne in women – More than 80% of adult acne cases occur in women. It is believed that many cases of adult acne are caused by changes in hormone levels that women experience at certain times including:
• Cycle – Some women suffer from acne just before menstruation.
Pregnancy – Many women suffer from acne symptoms during pregnancy, usually during the first 3 months of pregnancy
• Polycystic ovaries – a common condition that can cause acne, weight gain and the formation of small cysts inside the ovary.
Acne causes
Other causes of acne include:
Cosmetic products – sometimes these products cause the sensitivity that appears as acne, for example an 18-year-old girl suffering from acne on the face. The eruption of acne on her face vanished after replacing the shampoo she used. Alternatively, oily skin using a face cream that provides too deep feed can cause acne to appear.
Certain medications – such as steroids, lithium (used to treat mental problems) and some anti-epileptic drugs – can cause acne.
• Types of fabrics – clothing that is worn regularly and is too tight to create pressure on sensitive areas and cause acne sores.
Smoking can contribute to acne in older people.
Sugar – sugar were found in some reports to cause acne
Missing of fatty acids – sometimes the skin miss some special kinds of fatty acids, to compensate it make a lot more sebum, thus causing Acne. Sometimes the right serum with the right fatty acids can make the difference.

Written by Ido Mishal BA in Biology, B.Sc. – Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. – Materials Engineering (Technion)

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