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Lavender Shops

If you are in ISRAEL you can find our quality at: Main Lab and shop 54, Neurim St. Pardes-Hana Kakur Tel +972-772127172 ext2 Sunday-Thursday 9:00-19:00 Friday - 8:30-14:00 Lavender @ SARONA Market 3, Kalman Magen, Tel-Aviv Tel +972-772127172 ext3 Sunday-Thursday 9:00-22:00 Friday - 9:00-16:00   Lavender...

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Lavender in the Press

Here you can find some from the reviews on Lavender Products. All the review are authentic review on lavender natural products Sherryl- October, 2013 Lavender's Value Pack ________________________________________________________Saraless- November, 2013Lavender's Value Pack __________________________________________________________________ Ruth- November,...

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