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Black Circle under the Eyes – Reason and prevention

Dark circles under the eyes? You look tired? you are not alone!
The thin skin around the eyes is more sensitive and therefore needs to be treated differently from the treatment and materials intended for the face, especially if there are dark circles around or under the eyes.


Reasons for dark circles around the eyes

There are many reasons for black circles around the eyes, the severity and duration of the phenomenon should also be distinguished in order to try and locate the source of the problem.

Generally under the eyes there is very thin skin that is very affected by the entry and exit of fluids. When there is excess fluid under the eyes you get dark circles.
Seasonal allergies – allergies and sinus infections can cause black circles under the eyes.
• Lack of sleep and mental stress – we all know that when we do not sleep well or very tense you can see a phenomenon of dark circles around the eyes that usually disappear after a good sleep and relaxation.
• Eating – Water always flows from a place where the concentration of salt is low to tissues that have a higher salt concentration. Therefore, a heavy meal with salty food or a night of crying from a sad movie or just a fight can lead to increased salt concentration and the release of water under the skin and to the formation of the black circles.
Hormonal problems – Sometimes thyroid or kidney problems can cause fluid retention under the eyes and dark circles.
Genetics – When dark shadows or circles remain, the cause is usually more profound, such as genetics, problems that change the color of the pigment under the eyes, and the age that gradually makes the skin more delicate and vulnerable and exposes the tiny blood vessels just below it.
• Aging and hardening of the skin – Over the years, inappropriate treatment sometimes results in loss of volume in the area surrounding the eye that reveals the bone while creating a hollow trough that appears as a dark circle. The area around the eye is a very delicate area and one of the first places to see signs of aging.
• Smoking – Smoking weakens the collagen layer and accelerates skin aging and decreased elasticity.
Alcohol – Drinking too much alcohol causes the delicate skin to weaken around the eyes and damage its appearance.
• Uncontrolled exposure to the sun – Exposure to UV rays can weaken the collagen layer and cause premature wrinkling and sagging skin.


Preventing dark circles under the eyes:

There are several simple steps that can be taken to treat black circles while trying to reduce the accumulation of water in these tissues.
• Good sleep – maintaining sleep habits with enough good sleep hours to allow the body to recover and start the new day as new.
• Sleeping posture – Changing the sleeping position can make it easier for dark circles around your eyes – lying on your back with a pillow under your head can prevent fluid from accumulating  under the eyes. A change is not simple but possible. It must be taken into account that black circles over time may become permanent.
• Allergies – Treatment of hay fever or allergies and clogged sinuses by alternative medicine or with a doctor can also greatly improve the appearance of the eyes.
• Make-up – sleep with makeup – Make-up products can cause eye irritation and cause fluid build-up in this area, which often irritates the eyes.
• Smoking and alcohol – avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption that accelerate skin aging.
• Sun protection – Use a sunscreen with a wide sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB in the eye area.
• Eye cream – daily use of moisturizer adapted to the delicate area under the eyes – a massage of the area each evening with a gentle eye cream will cause better flow of fluids and long-lasting relief on black eyes.

Lavender products for the eye area

In Lavender we have two unique creams for eye area. Both, like the rest of our products, are 100% natural and contain essential oils that soothe and nourish the area:
• Natural eye cream – especially rich, for nourishing the delicate eye area – based on olive oil, Shea butter and vitamin E, with a delicate rosewood fragrance. Moisturizes, aids in the treatment of existing wrinkles, and reduces the formation of new wrinkles. Maintains flexibility of the skin and eyelids.
AntiAging Eye cream with red algae – a unique cream containing red algae (Astaxanthin) – a natural and active substance that helps prevent skin aging processes, treats sun damage, prevents wrinkles, nourishes and revitalizes the skin under the eyes. The Anti Aging Cream is especially suitable for those who suffer from swelling or dark circles under the eyes, since in regular use it helps in clarifying the skin and treating pigment stains. Moreover, the red algae is excellent for maintaining and improving skin elasticity and relieves phenomena such as dark circles around the eyes. The eye cream also contains licorice extract known for its significant effect on the clarification of pigmentation and dark areas.

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