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Best Baby Moisturizer Cream

A natural and gentle treatment cream for the baby and the whole family. One of Lavender’s greatest bestsellers, a cream that people hold at home for every occasion. Excellent for treatment from skin asthma to babies diaper rush, skin irritations, minor burns, bruises and other daily injuries.
The product is recommended by pediatricians who have seen the excellent effects of the cream as the solution of skin asthma problems for many children.
The cream is based on the finest shea butter for treating the skin along with sweet almond oil. The cream contains calendula extract used in homeopathy and herbal medicine to treat a wide variety of skin disorders. The amazing smell of the product is based on pure therapeutic essential oils, which are great to the skin and soul, including chamomile, neroli, lavender. The special combination in this product makes it a mandatory product in every home.
Testimonials on baby care cream
“My 5-month-old daughter is very picky with smells, all the creams I tried to this day have not passed her smell test (she would cry when I smelled it). Lavender’s cream is so much fun for the smell I put on both her face and her body) multi-use cream with excellent absorption and smell, recommended for every baby …… ”
Ronnie S.
Why Natural Treatment Cream?
• Lavender’s baby and family cream is concentrated in natural qualities up to four times the size of regular creams and is therefore very economical to use.
• Contains excellent shea butter for skin treatment and improved condition, along with sweet almond oil, grape seed oil known for their beneficial properties of the skin.
• Contains calendula oil and chamomile oil that are very good to skin and soul.
• Contains neroli and lavender oils that help skin care and soothe.
The cream is excellent for normal dry skin. Using our baby soap as a complementary treatment with the gentle care cream for skin asthma or other skin irritations that work with excellent synergy to significantly improve skin problems.
Because of what it does not contain:
The creams do not contain substances that accelerate the penetration of the cream into the skin while damaging the skin (such as polyethylene glycol). Petroleum products (mineral oils, glycerin, SLS), ethylene and propylene glycol, preservatives (like parabens), artificial fragrances, animal oils!

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