Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis Natural Treatment

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 An Inflammatory Skin Condition

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. Often, but not always, occurs in people with other atopic diseases such as hayfever and asthma.  While prescription drugs can offer some relief from eczema, they may also cause side effects. Natural treatment can help people feel better. Naturopathic treatment begins with the commitment of each person to himself to create a real change in his life, in order to improve the quality of life. We recommend using Lavender Natural Cosmetics Therapeutic Set for Atopic Dermatitis.

Holistic Treatment in Four Stages

1. Cleaning phase – Avoid as much as possible foods and products that are considered allergic. Remove all foods containing substances that may cause irritation and aggravate the disease. The body cleans itself of the toxins present in it.
2. Strengthening the immune system.  A nutritious diet and medicinal herbs can give a boost.
3. Reduce stress – Everyone has to identify the things in his daily life that mostly induce tension.  Seek treatments such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, guided imagery, or meditation. Or simply take out energy through physical activity (which also helps remove toxins from the body) by walking on the beach. Children who suffer from skin asthma are very sensitive children.  Stressful situations at home have an effect on them. Pay attention, ask questions.  Try to maintain a calm atmosphere at home as much as possible.
4. Stage of assimilation – It is the time to learn to apply the first three stages of everyday life and create a balanced lifestyle.

Valuable Information about Skin Asmtha.

Adults and Atopic Dermatitis

The cleaning phase is different depending on the age of the individual. In adults, the body is saturated with toxins. Therefore, we go through a cleansing process for 10 to 20 days. The diet includes two days of drinking fruit and vegetable juices only. Later you may add vegetables and fruits. Make sure you continue with nutritional changes until you have created a healthy and balanced daily menu. However, do not forget that it is a process, that will cause emotional and physical changes. The family or the individual can seek guidance from a naturopath or a suitable therapist.

Children and Atopic Dermatitis

Children will remove from the daily diet the foods that are considered allergens (the most common are milk and dairy products, wheat, eggs). The next stage of cleaning is called the “elimination diet”. At this point, we will examine all the foods that we have removed from the menu, whether they trigger an allergic reaction or not. You can move on, only after the cleaning phase.  Now that the body is cleaner, it will react more quickly to foods that do not benefit it. During the whole process, we will use only natural hypoallergenic products that do not contain chemicals that may irritate the skin.
The second stage is the time to strengthen the immune system. Children should avoid, as much as possible sweets, snacks, cakes, cookies. You can introduce them to healthier substitutes. It takes effort and the commitment of the whole family in order to succeed. We want you to know that it is important to understand that a diet rich in sugar, simple carbohydrates, or caffeine is a weakening diet that leads to subsequent exposure to many diseases.

Important Information about Herbal Medicine.

Herbal medicine is a very ancient medicine, but it is now gaining a new status in the world because of many studies that have proved the efficacy of medicinal plants.  Herbal remedies will also strengthen the immune system, and help the liver in the work of filtering toxins.
An example of a known plant that is suitable for the treatment of skin asthma is Chamomile.
Chamomile is an anti-allergic herb, suitable for children. It has soothing properties, suitable for situations of restlessness, anxiety in adults, and children. It can be used for skin infections. It disinfects and helps to restore damaged tissue. The plant works to improve the activity of the digestive system and helps the liver.
The article was written by Nurit Maor, Naturopathic and a Herbalist.
All that is written on the site is based on the opinion of the writers and their best experience and is not a substitute for a medical opinion.

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