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AntiAging Red Algae Day Cream

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Day Anti-aging cream containing the active ingredient in red algae – astaxanthin. A powerful antioxidant that will give the skin the moisture it lacks and will reverse the signs of aging with 100% active natural ingredients ensure a great results for you skin.
We are constantly working on new products to give your skin the best treatment for day and night. To our unique anti-aging series, with the rich in red algae, an anti-aging cream is added to the day, which will do wonders for the skin of your face, a cream that anyone who experiences it will notice a change for the better in the skin of the face within a short period of time-the skin is softer, more elastic, vital and shiny.
What is the red wonder
The red algae (Haematococcus pluvialis) – seaweed originated from the shores of Hawaii. In order to protect itself from the sun’s rays, the red algae produces a substance called astaxanthin, which is defined by the cosmetic industry as a super-additive and by food additive as super food, because it is a powerful antioxidant. The State of Israel leads the world in growing algae and one of the world’s leading “plants” is located at Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava. The unique growth conditions cause algae to produce a lot of Astaxanthin and the same substance is used for high-end cosmetics.
It is excellent in slowing skin aging processes
Restores skin from sun damage and reducing future sun damage.
Reduces wrinkles and prevents oxidation
Lavender’s anti-aging series is a unique series whose products are 100% natural, rich in red algae and give your facial skin the most powerful treatment around the clock.
Anti-aging cream for the day
Rich in anti-oxidant cream, inhibits the signs of aging, protects the skin from the sun, easily absorbs and nourishes the skin to the deep layers! The cream gives elasticity and a vital appearance and long use can reduce pigment stains appearance. The cream is rich in 100% natural and quality ingredients:
Vegetable oils: grape seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, red algae extraction and Calendula oil. Essential oils:, Rosewood essential oil, lavender essential oil, jasmine essential oil, calendula extract.
The precise combination of all the ingredients guarantees the skin a thorough and deep treatment, yet delicate and natural in a wonderful texture and smell.
100% natural and effective Like all of our products, this cream is very concentrated and rich, and therefore a small amount is required. The cream comes in a bottle that ensures sterility and comfort.

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Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner. Ido have more than 25 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. From 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more.

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