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Animal ingredients in cosmetics

Animal ingredients hiding in my cosmetics?

In the past, soap from Israel was considered a popular soap and Israel was a soap exporter. why? – because everyone knew that in the olive oil of Nablus, there was no animal fat. Jews and Muslims from all over the world who did not want to take the risk that their soap would contain pig fat would buy the soap from Nablus.
Since then, some water has passed through Jordan, and things have changed. Most cosmetic products in Israel are similar in composition to cosmetics products from the world, and some of them are manufactured in China.
When reading the labels on a cosmetics product it is easy to see that there is a great similarity between different branded cosmetic products and the similarity in their composition reflects similarities in the sources used to produce ingredients …

Stearic Acid

Have you recently bought body lotion? Take any cream you have at home perhaps among the first ingredients to have stearic acid?
Steric acid is a solid-wax substance used in many of the creams on the shelf as one of the main components.
The problem that steric acid is produced mainly from animal fat – below is the process of production from Wikipedia ** – Stearic acid is prepared by treating animal fat with water at a high pressure and temperature …
Is it possible that under the definition of steric acid made from animal fat, many of the cosmetics are produced abroad and we received pig fat as part of the ingredients?

Aromatic substances in cosmetics?

Have you recently purchased perfume? A significant component of it that you can not see in the list of ingredients is Ambergris. – a substance produced from the secretions of whales that binds the odors in perfume and fixes them in. This ingredient allows their perfume to remain fragrant for many hours on the body. You will not be able to see it in the list of ingredients simply because it is hiding under the overall name – fragrance.
Underneath the name Fragrance there are other animal materials, for example musk oil produced from a gland that are removed from the eels in the Himalayas. We enjoy a sensual scent known in many perfumes. And the deer? Thousands of reindeer die each year for its production.


Additional animal material is found in many of the baby’s creams, which are secreted from sheep’s fat glands and extracted from sheep’s wool.
Personally, I prefer to rub a baby fat cream from a vegetable source, such as Shea butter, and essential oils make me happy to smell.
Lavender Products – natural and Vegan

All Lavender products are based on 100% natural products, all of which have been used by people for many years, so there is no need to experiment with animals and there is very extensive information about the products over the centuries to ensure their safety. The best for body and mind.
The only non vegan ingredients we use in a small portion of the products is beeswax. The rest of our products are vegan and are produced from plants only.
Pay attention to the vegan mark next to any vegan product.

* On the soap of Nablus
** Steric acid – Wikipedia

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