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All Natural Deodorant

all natural deodorant
All-natural deodorant, efficient, and easy to use!
Surprisingly there is such a one! thousands of customers use LaVender‘s deodorants, many of whom started using after trying all other existing natural deodorants and struggled to find a deodorant that is natural, effective, and pleasant to use.
In LaVender we produce 100% natural and effective deodorants that prevent perspiration odor without affecting the sweating process which is very important to the body.
The deodorants come either in a cream jar or as a stick. Both have the same ingredients and same scents. The only difference is that in the stick we put a little more bee wax to help keeping it solid.
Why Natural Deodorant Stick?
Deodorants we use every day and in the same place (armpit), and therefore it‘s very important to choose a healthy deodorant. Sweating is an important process  for balancing body temperature and remove impurities from the body. Regular deodorants contain aluminum and parabens that prevent sweating, and are a source of diseases such as breast cancer.
LaVender‘s deodorant consists of excellent vegetal oils including Shea butter, almond oil and coconut butter that nurture and balance the skin. In addition to baking soda and best quality essential oils that are actually the active ingredients that prevent the smell of sweat for hours. Each fragrance works differently to each person. Each one should try and find out which fragrance is mostly appropriate and effective for him/ her.
Deodorant Stick of LaVender is 100% natural, effective, easy to use, and highly concentrated and therefore it‘s enough to pass it once on the armpit area for full protection.  When using the deodorant stick you should give one minute for full absorption by the skin and then get dressed.
“I would recommend a product that I have tried on and satisfied with the outcome. I am talking about Patchuli Rosewood Deodorant. It is a natural deodorant cream that will not harm your skin, leaving your armpit dry and with a pleasing smell”. Gustosa Giveaways-July 20,2013
“I love this stuff! I am not even kidding! This works amazingly for me! I normally use a name-brand clinical deodorant, and it does not work well for me, but it was the best thing compared to all the others I had used. Until Lavender! It works so well for me! And a little goes a long way! I love it!”. Hayley Kolb
Many reviews of our customers have taught us that using LaVender‘s natural deodorant often solves many problems such as:
Prevention of constant skin irritations in the armpit area.
Prevention of swelling of underarm and lymph nodes, even those which hindered the movement of arms.

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