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Forget about after-shave, stinging and redness and move on to lavender’s after-shave cream!
Why is it so good?

Lavender After Shaving Cream contains a blend of oils that nourishes and maintains the flexibility of the skin. In addition, a unique blend of essential oils sterilizes and contracts the blood vessels that have widened during shaving, thus preventing the redness that is most common after shaving.
It is recommended to apply the cream immediately after shaving with Lavender shaving soap.
Testimonials of satisfied customers
“I’m a natural cosmetics fan and I use some Lavender products and I’m happy to have a new product for men: After Shaving Cream, it’s very oily but after shaving it’s pleasant on the skin and it’s better than the synthetic aftershave.” Jonathan P.
I was looking for something that would give me moisture for a long time until one day my sister brought me Lavender’s shaving cream and since then I use it. The skin is much better and do not need any of those products with alcohol and disinfection after shaving, it does all the work. Yossi D.
“Lavender Men’s Moisturizing Cream is a magic cream I do not shave so much but I do use a moisturizing cream for the face and it’s hard to find one that gives you a natural moisturizer and not a smell of roses or vanilla. Also very greasy, so you need a drop and that’s an enough. By Gideon K.
Ingredients of face cream after shaving
After Shaving Cream Contains excellent base oils for the treatment of facial skin and maintaining its elasticity and essential oils for disinfection and prevention of redness of the skin.
Base oils:
Extra virgin olive oil is excellent for facial skin and has been found in many studies to prevent skin aging and protect it from sun rays.
Organic Shea butter – rich in vitamin E (antioxidant), fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. Nourishes, softens and maintains excellent skin dryness but also has wonderful therapeutic qualities.
• Coconut oil – saturated with fatty acids that nourish dry skin.
• Grape seed oil – to strengthen the cell, nourish and maintain its moisture, complement the product for absorption and intensive skin treatment.
• Vitamin E – improves the ability to filter sun radiation in the skin, softens, nourishes and softens the skin.
• Calendula extract – Clinic for skin lesions.

Essential Oils:
Patchouli – To shrink tissues and prevent redness.
• Rosewood – for the treatment of wrinkles, dry men skin care and acne.
• Geranium – for balance of moisture and soothing
• Sandalwood – for soothing and treating the delicate facial skin.
• Cypress-shrink veins and stop bleeding. Effective for the treatment of acne and oily skin.
• Frankincense – for the treatment and relaxation of irritated skin.
Because of what it does not contain:
Lavender’s After Shaving Cream does not contain any substances that accelerate the penetration of the cream into the skin and damage the skin as glycol etc. Petrolatum products (mineral oils, glycerin, SLS), ethylene and propylene glycol, preservatives (like parabens), artificial fragrances, animal oils!

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