About Lavender All Natural Cosmetics

Hello, and welcome to Lavender Natural Cosmetics website. Lavender was established by us – Tali & Ido in 2007 after seeing how anti dandruff shampoo kills plants and fish in the pool system we built in the yard. After this event Ido started, as a chemical and materials engineer to look for natural and healthy cosmetics. Ido discovered on the shelves there are loads of beautiful bottles but they all contain dozens and hundreds of chemicals that we didn’t want to bring home. We started producing for ourselves, and when we were satisfied we gave to friends. We were surprised when they came back with stories of Atopic dermatitis and other severe skin problems that get much better. They ask to purchase the products that helped them. We began to realize that we bring something special to a lot of people and we created Lavender 100% Natural Cosmetics with the goal of producing completely natural cosmetics with no small letters that we and our children enjoy using as well as you . Since 2007 our journey to clean cosmetics began, we invite you to join, will be fun.
ido and tali autograph

Lavender All Natural Cosmetic – How it all began??

One afternoon in the summer of 2006, Ido and I sat in our garden, drinking tea and talking, surrounded by the flora and fauna of our garden – plants, fish and frogs that live in our gray water system. Our system leads water from the shower, running it through plant filled pools for water treatment, finally reaching the last pool of water where we have fish and water lilies. We sat calmly and enjoyed the descending evening when, suddenly, we noticed, to our amazement, the fish in the pond having convulsions and turning on their back – all dying within minutes! Shocked, we ran into the house, to the shower. Two of our four children were playing in the bathtub pouring shampoo into the water … Although it was one of the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brands in the country, and despite the small amount spilled (half a bottle) – all the fish died in less than an hour. Later, all the plants in the gray water system turned yellow and died. “What does this mean for humans?” We thought to ourselves after recovering from the shock. How do chemical products in commercial soaps and shampoos influence people, if this is the reaction of plants and fish? Several weeks passed until the system stabilized again, but for us, it was a point of no return. We were glad to see that nature balances itself, while we began examining commercial soaps and their additives. We noticed all those times when our faces and our children‘s faces turned red after using soap and shampoo while showering, and we found that we are sensitive to strong scents of commercial cosmetic products. We started to read the small print of labels on products and learned how the nice labels hide the true identity of the harmful ingredients in those products. More than that we understood after a lot of research how easily a lot of the chemical in our cosmetic products entered our body and blood system and influence our well being. We started making products for us and our friends and the surprising responses of children that our soap, truly cure their Atopic Dermatitis, people that cancel surgeries and the overall response we decided to make LAVENDER real natural cosmetic and invite you proudly to join our growing customer family and enjoy nature‘s energy at your home

Lavender All Natural Cosmetics Founders

Tali Mazliach and Ido Mashal- A couple and mother and father of 4 children. We live in Small village – Ein-Iron in the center of Israel. in a home filled with awareness of our responsibility over our lives and our environment. Here it all began.

Ido Mashall, BA in biology, B. Sc – Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. – Material Engineering (Technion), and a  RCHhom- classical homeopath practitioner.

Ido have more than 15 years experience in many industrial and chemical application and development. form 2007 ido is working and expertise in Natural Cosmetic development and manufacturing, Safety of cosmetic products and more. Read more on our lab here


Tali Mazliach, MA in Educational Counseling, is a group facilitator, and a senior reflexologist. Tali uses holistic treatment for personal and group empowerment.

from 2007, Tali dedicate herself for research of natural ingredients and LAVENDER development

Lavender all Natural cosmetic – Mission statment

“LAVENDER” was created in 2007. Our personal experience (see above) became the driving force behind the start of our company. The harm caused by many of the products that we all use in our daily life at home and on our body, made us aware of the bigger harm these products are causing to our health and our environment. We realized that we could make a difference for our own family and for others by creating a real natural cosmetic line with products that are people and earth friendly.
In “Lavender” from the very beginning we have been creating products using the best 100% natural, healthy and ecological raw materials. Its part of the company’s philosophy to deliver high quality products.
We strongly believe that each product that we use in our daily life must be as 100% natural, healthy and ecological as possible. In “Lavender” we create awareness about what’s good for our body and our environment. Our team is passionate about creating products gentle to both people and earth.

All Natural cosmetic Only!

It has been our mission to work hard in order to provide our customers with 100% natural cosmetics without using any preservatives, petroleum by-products, and many other chemicals used in the world’s chemically loaded products of today’s market.
Our ingredients are 100% natural and well known for ages for their healing properties. This knowledge together with the newest researches from the medical literature became our guide in order to create products for the whole body without the use of harsh chemicals but only with high level of natural ingredients. Our team makes our products by hand keeping the process as gentle as possible preserving all the goodness in the natural raw material at its peak.

Only Healthy Cosmetics

Part of our philosophy is to create products that are healthy and safe to be used by adults, kids and babies, pregnant women or people with skin sensitivities. Most of our products have passed safety tests in very well known laboratories in Europe. All of our products are certified and registered in Israel and passed all the required testing. Moreover, we are constantly trying to keep up to date with new developments in research concerning the treatment and nourishment of the body.

Ecological cosmetics

We know that most major cosmetics companies have been using substances that pose health risks not only to the people who are using but to the environment. With this in mind we are producing products that are also good for our earth.
Our laboratories waste water system is a paradise for fish and fauna to grow in a well balanced way, and a beautiful water garden for us. Therefore we cannot use many of the chemicals that ordinarily cosmetic companies use in their daily production . All our soaps, for instance, are natural and easily biodegradable. At the same time they are a good fertilizer for our water garden. We do not use palm oil to avoid the need to cut trees and forest around the world. Its equally important to us to look, find and use the best ecological packages and labels.

Natural cosmetic producer continually improving

We are committed to always look for new ways to improve, according to our code of ethics never to harm our environment, to keep the highest standards in quality, to use the purest ingredients, to promote a well being for our customers and partners and to offer a family service. We invite you to explore the natural world of “Lavender”.
Looking forward hearing from you.
The “LAVENDER” team