Natural Therapeutic Foot Cream Natural Therapeutic Foot Cream

This wonderful concentrated cream will help to heal and bring relief to hard and cracked skin and also treat bad foot smell 1.06fl.oz(30ml).

Therapeutic Hand Cream Therapeutic Hand Cream

Hand Cream for smooth skin, keeping it in great condition and help to heal and bring relief to hard and cracked skin 1.76fl.oz    (50ml).

 Olive Oil Shampoo Olive Oil Shampoo

Unique liquid shampoo based on virgin olive oil  with essential oils in order to nurture improve the hair health 8.8fl.oz(250ml).

Olive Oil Facial Cream Olive Oil Facial Cream

Extra Virgin Olive Oil cream to balance and to improve your skin condition keeping it elastic and beautiful 1.06fl.oz(30ml).

Restorative Cream Restorative Cream

A cream that make our customer call us just to say how great was the change in their face and body appearance 1.06fl.oz   (30ml).

Gentle Care Cream Gentle Care Cream

Gentle Care cream based on Shea butter, calendula extract and essential oils that will help to heal and relieve rushed and irritated skin 1.76fl.oz (50ml). 

Nourishing and Balancing Cream Nourishing and Balancing Cream

The Special blend of Essentials Oils make this cream execellent Skin treatment cream 1.76fl.oz(50ml). 

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