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Deodorants and Antiperspirants

This article discusses the daily treatments of body odor prevention which often include the suppression and prevention of the normal sweating process.

The sweating process

Eccrine glands are found on the entire surface of the body. Nerve impulses cause a discharge of a drop onto the skin surface. The sweat from these glands is mainly water containing certain salts, mainly sodium chloride, lactic acid and ammonia

The importance of sweating

In this article I review the importance of the sweating process according to a number of medical concepts. It seems that the process of sweating is a process, viewed as very important in all schools of medicine including Western medical institutes and alternative therapist.

Cosmetic Chemicals

Parabens in Cosmetics

Parabens are used as preservatives in many deodorants on the market as well as in soaps, creams, and other cosmetics.This family of preservatives includes methyl-, ethyl-, and propylparaben.

Effects of SLS containing soaps and shampoos on the skin

This article reviews research and information about the effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) on people. There are additional materials that are similar to SLS in their influence on the skin such as Amonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS) and Amonium Laureth Sulfate (ALES) which are also used to produce soaps and shampoos. Any reference to SLS in this article is relevant to all the other materials mentioned above and their effects on the skin.

 Cosmetics, Toxicity and Individual Response

Some of the materials used in the cosmetics industry have been found possibly hazardous to human health in different research. Since they appear in low concentration or are in contact with the body for short periods of time they are defined as safe, yet it is possible to see people who react strongly and seriously to these materials, even at low concentration and short exposure time.



FAQ on a lavender products

Lavender Products

Nourishing Serum for Facial Care

Describing it in one word: "Wow!" Women who haven‘t experienced serum at all, and women who have extensive experience in facial care, both will experience from the first use the wonderful feeling and the healthy looking that "Lavender" serum provides. The serum of "Lavender" is 100% natural. It nurtures the skin of your face with vitamins A, C and E, antioxidants and veg oils that are rich with Carotenoids which are good for the skin, magnesium, and amino acids necessary for rehabilitation and healing the skin.

Olive Oil Facial Soap

A natural facial soap made from high quality Extra virgin olive oil, which makes miracles to your skin and keep it soft, fresh, clean and healthy with a refreshing and joyful Scent. "Lavender" facial soap cleans your skin and balances the natural moisture of skin, and doesn‘t dry.

Healing Foot Cream

A thick and concentrated cream for intensive foot treatment. This cream treats and prevents many problems such as fungus, dryness, excessive feet sweating and bad odors by nourishing and healing the foot skin.

Atopic Dermatitis Therapuetic Kit

Before you run to steroids and similar drugs; you may want to join the hundreds of clients that chose the combination of Lavender‘s baby soap and the baby cream (based on Shea Butter). The use of this Set of products highly facilitate and often eliminate atopic Dermatitis.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Facial Cream

Facial skin is one the most sensitive areas of the body. Lavender‘s facial cream is 100% natural, and is made to enrich the skin and nourish it, by using pure vegetable oils and butter with very special aromatherapy blend, that provide the skin with vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants to slow aging process.

Nature lips Therapeutic Lip Balm

Lavender‘s "Nature – Lips" LipBalm is a rich treatment for dry lips, based on High quality Blend of vegetable butters and oils. It contains the best substances from nature like extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, carrot oil and vitamin E. All together; they maintain the lips at their best by nourishing and enriching it with natural moisture, and make a big difference for dry and cracked lips.

Restorative Cream

A very concentrated cream for intensive & deep treatment of the skin. It reduces and removes stretch marks, scars, acne scars, cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding, and treats other defects. The cream is based on Shea Butter and Everlasting essential oil - known for its ability to restore and accelerate the skin renewal and reduce scars and other skin marks

Natural Olive Oil Shampoo

Special blend of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil shampoo to treat your hair and scalp naturally and gently. The Natural olive oil shampoo is a great treat for the scalp and helped in improving many customers daily life, stop itching, hair lost and many other scalp health issues.

Natural Hair Cream

Lavender‘s hair cream is 100% natural. It provides moisture, fosters and facilitates hair design also with curly hair. The cream based on rich vegetable oils including coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil and excellent essential oils that provide a radiant and happy feeling. The essential oils include Roman chamomile, Peppermint, Rosemary and Sandalwood. The cream is great for relieving with dry scalp skin especially when combined with Lavender‘s natural shampoo.

Natrual Deodorant Cream

Deodorant is one of the beauty products we use on a daily basis, and in the same place (armpit). So thinking about our health, now and in the future, it is important to choose the right deodorant, i.e. the kind that does not clog the pores; neither prevents the process of sweating, and yet leaves you with a wonderful Scent and a fresh feeling all day long. Yes. There is such a deodorant!

Natural Shaving Soap

It‘s a olive oil shaving soap that substitutes the shaving foam and aftershaves. It makes the shaving smooth and leaves the face clean, with a fresh scent of patchouli and tea tree that lasts all day long. Lavender‘s shaving soap balances the skin‘s natural moisture and does not dry it.

Natural Facial Peeling

In Lavender you can find gentle facial peeling powder, suitable for deep and thorough cleaning of delicate facial skin.

Therapeutic Hand Cream

Do you suffer from dry, damaged or cracked hands? Lavender‘s Therapeutic hands cream is the solution. It‘s a 100% natural and effective way to keep a healthy and fresh hands skin. Use it for healthy and balanced hands appearance.

Lavender Essential Oil

avender Essential Oil is on of the primary oils that we use while concocting Lavender‘s products. Lavender is a common plant in Europe. It grows in mountain areas, also grown for commercial use. The Lavender flower grown on mountains and picked up manually at dawn is considered as the best quality among all others

Natural Olive Oil Bar Soaps

Natural soaps made from cold pressed virgin olive oil, foamy and excellent for skin. These natural soaps are scented with high quality pure essential oils that came straight from fields and forests. Lavender‘s natural olive oil soaps will surely grant you a unique bath, out of this world, for body and soul

Natural body cream

A body cream as you always wanted - containing 100% natural vegetable oils and butters that nourish the skin gently with pure essential oils pleasing body and mind. Lavender's creams are up to 4 times more concentrated than any other cream.

Natural Stick Deodorant

100% Natural Deodorant, efficient and easy to use! Surprisingly there is such a one! LaVender‘s deodorants have thousands of users, many of whom started using after trying all other existing natural deodorants; and struggled to find a deodorant that is natural, effective and pleasant to use.

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